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Commercial Services

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From small businesses to large corporations, we offer a dedicated list of security services so that you can have peace of mind during daily operations.  

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Electronic Security

Whether it’s IP or digital analog, we have the solution. Video surveillance is one of the fastest changing technologies in the security industry. From design to implementation, Smith Hamilton uses in-house, factory trained & licensed, security consultants, installation professionals, and technicians to provide our customer’s complete security solutions they expect. 

Smith Hamilton designs and installs only the highest quality devices from a select list of experienced and successful manufacturers. We pride ourselves in offering a full line of access control products. Because each system is designed with your specific needs in mind, we can custom select and match components that bring you enhanced protection plus the ability to expand or change your system as your needs change.

This includes closed circuit television (CCTV), access control and monitoring. Technology changes fast and in the security industry, staying on top of these changes are extremely important. Our factory trained account and service representatives focus on the needs of the financial and commercial industry while keeping your system on the cutting edge of security technology. Our Account Executives understand what the market requires and continually train with the latest technology to achieve the goals of both law enforcement, and today’s security managers.

Physical Security

Hamilton Safe manufactures the toughest UL Listed steel plate and composite safes designed to meet the highest security standards for businesses such as banks, credit unions, jewelers, pharmacies, retail stores and many other commercial applications.

We can provide service and solutions for vault doors, UL rated safes, UL rated cash lockers and safety deposit boxes. Custom orders can be filled using any size and security rating that is needed. We will also help you design the interior compartment layout and choose the right locks, alarm devices. Other needed features include UL Rated Completely Customizable Electronic Locks Steel or Composite Material.
Acting as a direct line of contact with Hamilton Safe, we can guarantee that you will receive the highest quality UL
Rated and designed securities. If you are looking to match a 100-year-old installation or building a new facility, no matter the case, the experience of our technicians are unmatched in the industry abroad.

We provide a variety of vaults and vault doors that are secure, reliable and customized to t your exact needs. Our technicians have an immense amount of experience in the physical security side of the industry. This technology has withstood the test of time and will continue to do so under the careful care and service of Smith Hamilton.

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Alarm Monitoring

All central station operators are certified by the CSAA Central Station Operator Level I online course.

  • 30 years in business

  • UL listed & Five Diamond Central Station

  • Bilingual operators

  • Dedicated Alarm Dealer Representatives

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

  • Fast response to alarms

  • Video monitoring

  • A wide array of services to offer dealers


Apart from monitoring, Smith Hamilton also offers an alarm certification service to ensure that your system is working properly.

  • Certify new alarm installations

  • Certify old alarm installations

  • Connectivity check

  • Cleanliness of wiring

  • Panel programming

  • Verify backup connections

  • Verify redundancy


Access Control

We believe in the advent of new technology, and the financial industry is at the forefront of banking and security components and applications. Since the formation of the banking industry in America, security has always been at the forefront. As a security company, we take advantage of our expertise to deploy and implement the most advanced security applications so that customers, and your own customers, feel safe. Ease of access, while maintaining the highest security is important for our customers.


About Us

As most great companies do, Smith Hamilton started in a garage more than 29 years ago. A foundation based on service and respecting the customer is what elevated us to be a nationally recognized service and equipment provider for financial institutions. As a solutions provider, we are a company highly dedicated to the needs of our customers and will provide a solution accordingly. Our focus has always been to provide affordable and comprehensive solutions to meet our customers needs.



As a single-source solutions provider for almost three decades, Smith Hamilton is able to provide resources to address customer needs. With more than 120 employees and extensive partner relationships throughout 38 states, we are able to provide our multi-state customers with a single point-of-contact for all of their needs. Because we are independently owned, our focus is on our customers rather than on a stock price or shareholder value. Our value is determined by the satisfaction of our customers.










Family First














Exceptional Service. Automated Solutions.

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Current Customers

Although this is not an extensive list of all of our customers that we currently serve, this does highlight the different range of businesses that we are able to serve. 


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