Q. If I need service, who do I contact?

A. To request service at your specific branch, reach out to the Call Center at 877.653.5252 or email dispatch@smithhamiltoninc.com


Q. If I have an issue with my alarm system, who do I contact?

A. For questions regarding your alarm system, or if you need service on your current system, reach out to the Alarm Center for assistance at 800.694.1354 or email at alarms@smithhamiltoninc.com


Q. I have a question about my account, who do I contact?

A. For specific questions regarding your account, service agreements, contract renewal or upgrade, or any other questions, contact:

  • Account Executive connected to your account


  • 877.653.5252


Q. Who do I contact if I have a specific service question?

A. For service questions ONLY: call the number for the Service or Operations Manager that is connected to your account. Any questions regarding service, equipment problems, or technical questions are accepted. (Do not request service through this number).


Q. How do I request service?

A. If you are having an issue with your ATM, drive-up lanes, or any other piece of equipment, go to smithhamiltoninc.com/request-service and fill out the form located on that page. 


Q.Where is your company located?

A. Currently, we have offices in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. We have various corporate offices in Texas with the home office being in Lubbock and Internal Operations being in Amarillo. Although we are only physically located in 4 states, we have the ability to service all 50 states through subcontractors.