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From call to service and our belief in technology

Our goal is to take care of the customer from the initial call to the end of service. We want the customer to feel supported throughout the entire process. Whether that process is installation, equipment service, alarm monitoring, or purchasing new equipment for your bank or credit union. We employ some of the best financial technology technicians in the country, and with our partners in all 50 states, we can access the expertise to satisfy any need a customer may have.

In turn, we believe in the applications of new technology to further our offerings. As the financial industry continues to evolve, Smith Hamilton is working hard to stay on the leading edge of financial technologies and advanced security applications. As a leading company in this area, we take full advantage of our expertise to deploy and implement the most advanced security applications to give our customers peace of mind.






Industry Leading Service Technicians

Fast response | reliable service


Equipment Services

For ATMs and TCRs, we can provide equipment services in a quick, but professional fashion. We offer same day service and have loaner equipment available.                            

Physical Security

We provide service and solutions for vault doors, UL rated safes, UL rated cash lockers and safe deposit boxes. All designed with the toughest security standards for businesses such as banks, credit unions, jewelers, pharmacies, retail stores and many other commercial applications. 

Lane Services

For new and existing branches, lanes can be maintained by our team of professionals. We can provide specified plans and implementation for pneumatic tube systems, bullet-proof glass for drive-in applications, and UL Level 3 rated commercial transaction drawers.     

Managed Services

This program can help you get top of the line equipment without any upkeep responsibility. We take over the hassle of federal mandates, compliance, service contracts, software updates, and other service expenses that occur throughout the lifetime of the equipment. More Info

Turnkey Installation

We partner with financial services professionals in order to provide the means of realizing new physical business development, modernization of existing facilities, and consulting on the acquisition of potential building sites. 

User Training

We provide materials from many different manufacturers and can provide expertise on key-pad functions, usability, proximity devices, user codes, and many more functions of DMP panels. We have the ability to provide and/or coordinate OEM certification and training services for all products, services & technologies.


Electronic Security

From design to implementation, we use in-house, factory trained & licensed security consultants, installation professionals, and technicians to provide our customers complete security solutions they expect. 

Alarm Monitoring 

All central station operators are certified by the CSAA Central Station Operator Level 1 course. The monitoring station is a UL listed & 5 Diamond Central Station. This service also includes video monitoring and bilingual operators.                                                                

Branch Transformation

The modern branch is undergoing a metamorphosis. Mobile banking is becoming more prevalent, in-branch transactions are declining and banks are facing increasing pressure to develop additional revenue. Today’s bank branch is being forced to adapt, --and quickly. We have been instrumental in helping countless financial institutions modernize their branches. More Info

Maintenance Contract

Annual preventive maintenance is included in this contract. We offer a single point of contact, maintenance support and solid advice for today and in the future. Allowing you to receive the right service, at the right time.                                                                                      

Locksmith Services

From safe deposit locks to vault door combinations, down to time locks: this service includes key cutting, combination resets, electronic combination, and safe deposit locks.  

Safe Stop

The Safe Stop provides an immense level of safety for bank employees that access safes during daily operations. This piece of technology was created and produced here at Smith Hamilton. 


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